Having braids in my hair is one of my favorites.  It’s such a good protective style, but some can get lost in how to manage their braids and their hair ends up breaking off when it’s time to take the braids down.

Moisturizing: The number one rule in any style of braids is to keep the hair moisturized.  Depending on your hair type and how dry your hair can get/be, it’s important to moisturize your hair on a daily basis.  The best products to use are a leave-in conditioner, coconut oil, shea butter, or any moisturizer without petroleum jelly.

Washing: Most people don’t know how to wash the braids in order to make them last.  Microbraids can be washed like washing your natural hair because they tend to last longer.  Box braids require more attention because the bigger the braid, the least amount of time you’ll have them in, but you want it to last.  The best way I’ve found to wash my braids is to take a spray bottle and mix mostly water and the shampoo of your choice and spray your roots with the mixture and massage it in while spraying each section.  Once this process is complete you moisturize your hair.

Nighttime: In order to make the braids last, you have to wear a scarf or bonnet on your hair at night.  Just like if you straighten your hair and go to sleep without wrapping it, your braids begin to look messed up.

Hope this helps with anyone who’s looking on ways to manage their box braids :)

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